Sunday, September 30, 2007

WHAT the...

The other day I returned from a walk to the store and saw this white truck parked in front of my apartment.

Did a double take when I saw the cartoon picture on the side. Let's take a closer look at that ...

WHAT the...??!

I see bizarre stuff like this all the time in Japan. What's this for? Your guess is as good as mine. Plumber? Toilet paper salesman? Potty training service?

The mystery lives on.

Another strange van came crawling down our street last week, too, blaring loud, peppy Japanese music. The only word I could catch was "Oishii!" which means delicious. At first I thought "the Ice Cream Man!" Peering down on the yellow truck from my balcony, I saw an older woman approach. The driver popped the back up and I saw he was hocking not ice cream, but bread and donuts. This seems to be a popular thing around here, as a bread truck like this actually visits my school each Friday. The picture on the side of this truck shows a baby munching on a loaf of French bread.

I'd still rather have a Push-up.

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TexasRadio said...

Use your JET powers to translate the pictograms and update this entry to include an explanation for the pissing blue haired kid.