Thursday, March 13, 2008

Going home

Unless it's gotten a lot warmer this week, this is the scene that awaits us when we return home to Ohio on Friday for a one-week visit. A blizzard completely buried Ohio in snow last weekend. My hometown of Springfield got a foot of snow, but just one hour east, the capital city of Columbus got more than 20 inches. The Dayton Daily News included this igloo picture in a photo gallery of weather snapshots from around the Miami Valley region, the area of southwest Ohio where I'm from.

The storm was so bad that all streets were closed and everyone was ordered off the roads. This is a shot of High Street, one of the major thoroughfares through Springfield's downtown.

Here are a few more shots from the gallery.

You knew I couldn't resist the ugly dog photo.

So while it was snowing like the dickins back home, spring was making her debut in Hiroshima. Plum blossoms popped up in the front yard of my neighbor's house.

I also noticed a lemon tree growing along the path I take to school.

And today I saw a patch of daffodils.

It's been in the 60s the past few days. Gotta say, it's pretty nice to see that the official first day of spring is approaching and gee, guess what, we're actually getting spring-like weather! That's a foreign concept in Ohio, where the temperature has been known to fluctuate 60 degrees in the course of one day. Something tells me that, while there will be a lot of reminders of what I'm missing while I'm home, there'll also be a few reminders of why going back ain't half bad.

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