Thursday, September 18, 2008


A little taste of heaven.

When Joe first saw an advertisement for the DOUBLEOVER Cafe, we were intrigued. That's an awfully ballsy (or terribly unfortunate) name for a restaurant. Then Joe's co-worker told him that this place is known for its sinful waffles and pancakes. That sealed it. We were going.

Our first trip was several months ago. We went for a late breakfast, hoping to find Belgian waffles (something we have yet to see around here). I was practically giddy to see dishes like the above pictured on the menu. However, when we went to order, we were told we couldn't have the pancakes and waffles — those were limited to the dinner menu. Of course. Duh! Pancakes are for dinner, silly.  We had to order from the lunch menu and ended up eating spaghetti for breakfast (brunch, whatever).

This summer we decided to try again, planning to eat breakfast for dinner. And this time, to my delight, the cafe had a new menu. An English menu!

A very, very interesting English menu.

Luckily, I had my camera on me (though I didn't realize the settings were goofed up, so I apologize that the quality's not the greatest).

The menu starts out with a generous offer for patrons celebrating their birthday at the DOUBLEOVER.

I love the last part: "There is surprise more if I have you make reservations!" Hmmm....

The menu just got better from there. Here are some of my favorite parts:

"Cheese & Curry Omelette: I wore delicious curry on a tender omelette!"

"Doubleover Salad: It is salad of popular No. 1 that teriyaki chicken stepped on!"

"Fry Pig Ear: I fried a sliced soft pig ear lightly!"

I wonder if it really is pig ear?

"Garlic Ware of Hormone: I baked a fresh hormone without the smell in garlic!"

YES! Just what I wanted! A FRESH HORMONE! MMMM!

"Caviar & Cheese of the Bruschetta: I pick you up on the bread which I baked, and please!"


"Meet Omelet: I take meat sauce of the pride well, and please!"

"Chicken Teriyaki Rice: This is disadvantageous unless I certainly eat!"

I would like to know what they really meant to say there...

"Salmon Carpaccio: I lay in stock of the first thing today and offer it!"

And the best goes last. Ah, it's like a gift to discover this kind of Engrish!

"Garlic Ware of the Small Meat: I baked small meat removed from one cock a little in garlic!"


Al said...

This entry cracks your top 4 for greatest ever (along with Fuji, Love Hotel, and the Hiroshima Carp)!

GetHiroshima said...

Looks interesting! Where is it? Fancy writing a little review for GetHiroshima?

ps if they are selling horumon (intestines and various other internal organs) it's pretty likely that they are pig ears (mimigaa)

Katie said...

That English menu is AWESOME! Some great stuff there xD

Those pancakes in the first picture though....crazy o.O

Brinner for the win though BTW.

Gail said...

The DOUBLEOVER Cafe is located directly north of the Astram line, between Ozuka Station and Tomo-chuo Station (those are the stations right before the very end of the line, Koiki-koen-mae).

haseemscamel said...

That menu is great. Thank you for showing it.

Diane said...

Gotta agree with Al ... HILARIOUS!! But I'll take those pancakes any day.

billywest said...

Engrish be damned!... I want to eat there. Have to find a place like that here in Shibuya... too many damn trendy health food shops.