Sunday, January 18, 2009

Thailand. Whew!

It's tiring sipping coconut shakes all day, you know.

Well, I've been away far too long and some of you have been asking when I'm going to get around to updating the blog.  Things have indeed gotten quite stagnant on this site lately, though not for lack of things to write about. So many other things have been pulling my attention in a million different directions — planning the trip (not entirely unlike the insanity of planning my wedding), taking the trip, coming back and promptly getting sick, and then worrying obsessively about an 50-minute-long speech/presentation I had volunteered to give during the mid-year JET conference last week.

So now that that's all past, I'm finally sitting down with the laptop to share my experiences and I'm feeling completely overwhelmed! We experienced so much, I feel as though I could fill a book. The trip had its ups and downs but overall it was a total kick and I'm very glad we went. Organizing this all into something coherent and digestible, though, not to mention sorting through the photos and picking the best, is going to take some time. My hope is to post again this week, so please be patient. Tales of adventure are in the making.

In the meantime, to tide you over, here's a picture of an adorable baby elephant I met along the way.

Aw. So cute.

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Diane Erwin said...

Yay! I've been checking your blog nearly every other day to hear about Thailand. Can't wait to read about it!!

(By the way, wish Joe a happy belated birthday!)