Sunday, June 6, 2010

Yukata Festival

Kids are always cutest in yukata

Toukasan, also known as the Yukata Festival, happens the first weekend in June and marks the beginning of summer in Hiroshima. It's one of the biggest festivals of the year here, and also one of my favorites.

The Yukata Fest is your standard Japanese street festival with plenty of street vendors and, of course, thousands of people wandering around in colorful yukata (lightweight summer kimono). Seeing so many people in colorful, festive yukatas — especially the children, they're darling — is a real treat and always leaves me in a cheerful mood.

I took some lessons to learn how to put on my yukata, so I do know how, though I'll be honest: I really didn't feel like messing with it this weekend, so I didn't wear it to the festival after all. On the up-side, I got lots of stuff done.

Some images from this year's festival (and a few from last year's, too):

Yakitori (grilled chicken on a stick)

Aag! me!

Yukata and super dos!

Flavoring for snow cones

Bird whistles... with a Japanese twist

Guys in yukata...

...and girls in yukata.

Hanging bags of candied fruit. YUM!

As the Japanese say, "banana choco"

Blue candied apples featuring Doraemon, famous child cartoon character

Bouncy ball vendor

Who doesn't love bouncy balls?

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Total cuteness!