Friday, December 21, 2007

Man candy

Today, while I was browsing the candy aisle at my local "Yours" supermarket, this is what I saw.

That's right, this isn't just any pockey, this is MEN'S pockey. Bitter chocolate pockey to be exact!

I do so wish that the manufacturers had goofed up their translation and called it Bitter Men's Chocolate.

I'm not sure what makes this Men's pockey. I thought perhaps this bitter chocolate stuff is too rough for delicate little flowers like myself to handle. I thought if I ingested some of this man candy I might gain a magical ability to navigate the city without asking for directions. Or maybe I'd suddenly find NASCAR entertaining. Or perhaps I'd finally be able to twist jars open all by myself.

No such luck! I'm here to report that I ate the pockey and none of the above occurred. I still do not have the ability to write golden messages in the snow.

Maybe I just haven't eaten enough of it to notice a difference yet. I wonder if it would help if I enjoyed this "Men's" custard pudding cup. (See the right side of the label.)

Too bad we don't have these goodies back in the states. I'd love to hear what the women's studies majors would have to say about that!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. Scientist-Reporter,

I would like to remind you that consuming male virility enhancement products cannot possibly provide benefit to you. As a woman, you do not have a penis. Ergo, you waste food dollars pursing a futile gender-specific goal.

As for so-called "women's studies", all I see is a bizarre methodology by which female student's tuition is re-directed from those disiplines that might actually benefit them...and thereby relegate "women's studies" to the realm of proletarian consciousness raising in which it originated.