Monday, May 25, 2009

Mr. Grapefruit Monster

The other day I saw this enormous grapefruit at the neighborhood market with the locally grown produce. Priced at 200 yen ($2), it was about as dirt cheap as any fruit gets in Japan, so I decided to take the gamble and bought it.

This thing had to be double the size of a normal grapefruit. Like the size of a cantaloupe. Actually I wasn't 100 percent sure it was a grapefruit, but it looked like one, and it faintly smelled like one, so... I guessed it was a grapefruit. Hard to tell in Japan, there's quite a bit of mysterious produce here.

When I sliced it open, this is what I found.

Yeah, it pretty much had the look of a grapefruit, just with a skin at least an inch thick. I got out a spoon and tasted it. Pretty dry. Tasted like pretty lousy dried-out grapefruit. I ate a few bites but that was all I could take.

So... the 200 yen gamble was a loser. But all was not lost! For the lousy grapefruit became....(drumroll)

Mr. Grapefruit Monster!


When Joe saw it, he said, "Why'd you waste a perfectly good Oreo?" I knew he'd say that.


Anonymous said...

1. Vendor screw us with big, junk fruit.
2. American gaijin known to shop here, every few days.
3. Stick cheapo price tag on fruit, gaijins trained to buy discounted items.
4. Yen repatriated, Japan benefit, everybody happy.

Martine McKenzie said...

hahaha these are great, gail

Paul Walsh said...

Was it natsu-mikan. If so, I think that's the best use I've seen for them. I "won" a whole box in a race recently. Ended up using most in the bath.

Gail said...

I googled it. It sure looks like a natsu-mikan. Thanks for clueing me in!

This person had an interesting blog entry about them. It seems that she was as baffled by them as I was.

You use them in the bath?? Interesting! What do you do, just squeeze in a bit of the juice?

Anonymous said...

Oreos? I fail to see the nutritional value of this food item. For that matter, what's up with those Pizza Hut boxes in the background? Aren't you supposed to be eating raw fish or something?

I'm starting to think this whole expat thing is a hoax, like the moon landings.