Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pudding in a balloon

One of the joys of living in Japan is getting to try all the wacky drinks, candy and other products they have here. Take this thing for example, which I found in the 7-11 by our house:

It's pudding in a balloon. Japanese people really love custard pudding (they call it purin) and it's easy to find little pudding cups in all the convenience stores. So why is this kind in a balloon? Beats me. Quite frankly this looks like a teenage boy's dream come true. Who needs to toilet paper houses when you have balloons pre-filled with pudding?

This particular pudding comes from Hokkaido, Japan's northernmost island, which is famous for its dairy products. Note the cow laying an egg (or... a pudding balloon?).

Inside the container, this is what you get:

Pudding balloon, cute little spoon, some caramel sauce and a toothpick. You stab the balloon with the toothpick and then you can squeeze it into the container and add caramel sauce. Or I suppose you could just suck it straight from the balloon.


It was yummy. Tasted the same as the custard pudding in a cup, though.


Mountaincat said...

I also started those custard puddings while in Japan. I wonder how they manage, but price is pretty liberal. Let me see if I can find it near to my konbini.

Anonymous said...

weird and cool all at the ame time!