Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Some globetrotting Peeps

Since we came to Japan, my parents have been kind enough to occasionally send packages from home with certain necessities or gifts. The latest package was a box including a bounty of Easter candy. Usually the packages take one week to get here, but when Mom and Dad's package hadn't arrived three weeks after they'd sent it, I'd given up on ever seeing it. I imagined some postal workers somewhere were enjoying our Peeps.

Finally the package did indeed show up at my school, a bit worse for wear but still in one piece and, miraculously, unopened. But the real surprise came when I inspected the papers stuck to the top of the box:

It seems our package made a detour to Sri Lanka on the way from Ohio to Hiroshima. How that happened is anyone's guess, but it was kinda neat to see the package had gone all that way.

As for the Peeps, they tasted even better than I remembered. Thanks Mom and Dad.


AdelaideBen said...

Great luck... just as long as you're easter treats don't break the sensor for drugs going through customs... always worry when luggage suddenly takes a "detour".

Having said that - as someone who has accidentally picked up someone else's luggage (after a long trip home... only to discover the key didn't work), I guess I shouldn't get too critical over others making mistakes.

The important thing is that you had your Easter fix. I know that Easter is one "festival" that never made the transition... although my wife tells me that it's starting to come in commercially. What's your experience?

Gail said...

I can't recall ever seeing any Easter decorations or candy here. Last time I went back to the U.S. for a visit around a year ago I brought back some egg-dying kits for the English Club kids and they really loved it. It's definitely a novelty for them. We also made deviled eggs, which they'd never heard of before.