Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spring visit to Mitaki-dera

Statue at Mitaki Temple

Earlier this spring when the cherry blossoms were in bloom I took a day off work so I could check out the cherry blossoms at Mitaki Temple without having to beat the crowds off with a stick. It was a gorgeous day, bright and sunny without being too warm, and I was exceedingly happy not to spend it at my desk.

I was surprised to find relatively few cherry trees on the temple grounds itself, though there was a whole lane of cherry blossoms leading up to the temple grounds, as well as a large cemetery dotted with blossoms along the way. A few of those pictures got folded into the post about cherry blossoms.

Despite the overall lack of cherry blossoms, Mitaki was stunning as usual. I ended up meditating for a long time sitting alone in the middle of a silent bamboo forest.

God, I am going to miss this place.

More photos of the red-clad jizo statues I find so fascinating:

Even a tiny snake statue gets a red beret (and some offerings).

Love this tree.

A couple of many stone carvings that dot the sides of the cliffs:

One thing I always find strange are the junk food offerings that people set in front of the rows of statues and carved stone tablets beside the temple.

Inside of Mitaki Temple

I'll be back again.


echo said...

Beautiful photos! I love the bamboo looks so peaceful.

AdelaideBen said...

Looks like an interesting place... and like you I love the feel of a bamboo forest... and the somewhat disjoint look of the beret/bib clothed Jizo. I don't know if you can buy patterns for this???

Especially loved the snake... but I wonder... are they taking the piss?

Also - whenever I see food put before shrines/headstones, I always think of the anime movie Tokyo Godfathers! (one of my favourites)